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100.00cm H x 80.00cm W
Oil (Motherhood is a noble feeling among animals. We find a distinct relationship between the young foal and the mother, who bears the responsibility of monitoring just like humans )
horse art
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Price: $900 USD

I can't remember a single day of my life here on this earth that I haven't felt an overwhelming love for animals.  We all can communicate with other beings through our feelings.  Mother animals nurture and protect their young due to the powerful drives of instinct and love.  I refer to this as "Mother"  energy and it is one of the most powerful energies we experience on earth.

My own mother was very normal in some aspects yet a bit quirky in others.  I  always felt protected, nurtured, and cared for.  I learned a great deal from my mother about engaging and interacting with people and animals.  When you approach a horse (or any animal for that matter) with a true intention to nurture, love, and care for them, you bring a vibration and energetic resonance that feels comfortable to them.  

One of the strongest bonds in the world is the love between a mother and her offspring.  I acquired my horse Gramsey and her son Shadow from a lady named Betty.  Betty experienced "Mother" energy first-hand when she entered Gramsey's stall to see the newborn Shadow.  Gramsey promptly pinned Betty to the wall.  Gramsey did not hurt Betty but instead issued a clear warning that she was very protective of her son Shadow.

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