Philippines Orchid

Philippines Orchid | Wallhanging by Angela Manno | Artists for Conservation

Philippines Orchid

9.00" H x 7.00" W
Egg tempera (Egg tempera & Gold Leaf on WOod)
Image of a critically endangered orchid from the Philippines
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Artist will donate 50% to Center for Biological Diversity from sale of this work.
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Price: $5,000 USD

This orchid is critically endangered in the wild with only 50 left in their natural habitat in the Philippines. That's because people keep poaching them and selling them on the market. When you hear the word "extinction" you probably conjure up the image of a Dodo or Passenger Pigeon. But in fact, compared with birds, mammals and amphibians, more plants have vanished in the wild since 1900. Plants are our green infrastructure and all life depends on them. Please be conscious of where you buy your orchids and whether they are propagated responsibly. Habitat is just as important as the species that live within it. In fact, habitat is nothing more than the fabric of living species that comprise a home for other species.⁠⁠

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