Nature, arts, and science have since I can remember, been my biggest sources of wonderment. That which makes me grateful to be alive in this world. Biophiliarts was born of this melange of passions. 

From the age of 4, I have fallen in, out of, and back in love with several creative techniques and media. As a 6-year-old, I was already a full-fledged creative, and at the same age, I decided I would grow up to be a Biologist, which I successfully did.

For a long time, I thought this fluidity was bad; a lack of commitment and focus. I see now, that they are just different ways of expressing my love for the natural world. 

It took me long enough to realise how science and art combine, and depend on each other beautifully. There would be neither as we know them, without nature – be it for the inspiration it provides for our poems, paintings, and tales; the scientific curiosity which drives our research; or how the perfect design of our own bodies – themselves natural works of art – allow us to create the aforementioned and more, including theatre, dance, and song. 

As an animal behaviour and acoustic ecology researcher, I've had extraordinary opportunities and experiences in the natural world. Meanwhile, my love for art only grew. Combined, these awoke in me the “wish to speak a word for nature” through my  art. 

Here, you'll find my original handmade paper arts for sale, as well as designs responsibly reproduced in paper and home décor, to help you bring the outside in, when you choose (or have) to be indoors (man, this paragraph has taken a whole new meaning in these last 2 years...). 

Support for Conservation: 

I aim to donate a percentage of all sales to research and conservation projects around the world, led by passionate, competent, and most often than not, underfunded fellow scientists.

I am also very happy to donate art for conservation fundraisers whenever I can, and have so far successfully helped to gather funds for Pacific Wild and MERS (Marine Education and Research Society) research in this way.