"From domesticated animals to rescued wildlife, I am deeply commited to helping animals in distress and shining a bright light on their plight. My artwork provides a channel for me to prioritize and support conservation in my life, where ever and when ever it is needed.  "

Besides monetary donations I actively collaborate with wildlife sanctuaries to support and showcase their work. These are just a few of the sanctuaries and non-profits I am deeply committed to helping:

Orangutan Republic Foundation, protecting and fighting to save orangutans.  Back in the 70's I spent my graduate years working with orangutans. It has been my passion and life's work and today I collaborate with OURF to protect orangutans thru my artwork. My paintings have provided funds which have funded scholarships for local Indonesians to study conservation and save the orangutans from being slaughtered by the palm oil industry and sold by wildlife traffickers,

Retiti Animal Sanctuary, Africa's only community owned elephant orphanage. I've recently started working with RETETI to paint portraits of their rescued orphans

SOS Wildlife, Indian Sanctuaries and Rescue for begging Asian Elephants, Asiatic Bears (otherwise called "Dancing Bears" in India)  and Jaguars. 

Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary,  Home to over 108 rescued orphan Western Chimpanzee from bushmeat hunting and the wildlife trade in Sierra Leone.

Turgwe Hippo Trust. Located in Zimbabwe, this is the only hippo sancutary in Africa. Tragically, hippos are being targeted for their ivory by poachers and wildlife trafficers

Arthur's Acres. A sanctuary in upper state New York for rescued pigs fromt the farming industry.