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"Wildlife and the world of nature are at the core of my being.  The gift of wonder for the diversity of life was given to me from an early age and it’s my love for animals and nature that inspires me in everything that I do.  Although I've worn many hats in my lifetime, my world revolves around my love for the natural world. My work attempts to capture the innocence of some very special non-human individuals. My pieces are intimate portraits of them;  they, like us, have a reason and a right to exist. Because oils, graphite and colored pencils are slow mediums,  I find they are excellent for giving me the time to form a relationship with the animals I am depicting, illustrating my sense of awe for them in their complexity and the minutest of details.
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Since I started painting wildlife, my life has transformed into one of wonder and calm. When I paint, I enter another world where I am totally connected to the animal(s) that I am painting. This gives me great joy and makes me especially happy knowing that, through my work, I can contribute to conservation and protecting animals.

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