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" I use art as a tool to communicate science to a wider audience. Humans usually rely heavily on visual information to understand a concept, therefore interpreting scientific topics through art encourages the viewer to engage with a subject they may otherwise overlook. "
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I have always painted for as long as I can recall, but never intended to be an artist. In the late 2010s this changed, when I began raising funds for the UK Wolf Conservation Trust through selling animal portraits. This gave me cause to consider whether art can be 'useful' with regard to its effect on the wider world, and since then I have dedicated my time to using art as a means of helping introduce my audience to subjects including natural science, anthropology, and environmental topics.

 I currently work to support Grupo Lobo (Portugal) Slovak Wildlife Society (Slovakia) and the Red Wolf Coalition (North Carolina) through direct funding on an annual basis. All of my work is sold on a strictly non-profit basis.

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