"I respect nature, I am a part of nature, therefore I respect myself. My actions cause reactions and I live with those reactions. To live and breathe on this planet is to live and breathe within this planet - this is my philosophy. "

In 2008 I founded Malaspina Land Conservancy Society (MLCS). It was born through destruction of a beautiful forest south of Powell River on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada, and my asking the question: why hadn't the owner conserved his land? MLCS reminds all land owners of the ability to preserve and conserve their land for the future enjoyment of all generations and the health of all beings. Find MLCS at

Conservation Projects & Causes

Malaspina Land Conservancy Society

Malaspina Land Conservancy Society was formed in 2008 to assist landowners with the preservation of their land. We work within the Powell River region, on the Upper Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada. This project is ongoing. We are all volunteers and we have preserved two pieces of land by holding conservation covenants over them. We also engage in a yearly project of supplying Coastal Douglas fir seedlings to residents of the area, and over the past two years have handed out almost 5,000 seedlings to be planted.

We are raising funds to preserve a large piece of coastal...