I paint the British Columbia coast, from water droplets to blossoms, mushrooms to mountain ranges, to bring images of today into the eyes of tomorrow using acrylic, oil, pen and pencil. Eight years ago I purchased a set of Golden Open Acrylic paints and medium, some beautiful paint brushes and various canvases. It was my birthday and I wanted to see whether the timing was right to start my artistic journey. Apparently, it was.
What a journey it is! I am inspired by contemporary artists Drew Burnham, Andrew Tischler, Cory Trépanier, Lucas Kratochwil to find the colours, shape and light in detail, and to strive for the hyper-realistic illusion that painting can be. And, I have a special spot in my heart for the work of Vermeer and his use of math to purposefully place his subjects and direct the viewer’s eye.
Along the way, I have been helped by a local community of artists and regularly paint en plein air. Our little corner of paradise, on the upper Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, provides enough variety of subjects for any artist to be happy. We are blessed with a mild climate, not too many flies, and scenery that takes the breath away.
I have transitioned to using water-soluble oils and, together with acrylics, continue to add in a few pen, pencil and charcoal drawings. My paintings are uploaded to where I can add a few words about the process or the challenges of each piece. Being part of Powell River's Artique Artists Cooperative allows me to hang new work in an often changing gallery display.
I write a regular blog, The Artists’ Journey, to help inspire more people to dig into their creative depths. I paint in our dining room and receive regular very useful critiques from my husband. He is my perfect audience. My art is signed down the side, a signature and location which took much deliberation. Janet Southcott 604.414.5994.
I am honoured and grateful to live and work on the 
territory of Tla’amin Nation.