Shedding Bark, Wolcott Mill Metropark

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Shedding Bark, Wolcott Mill Metropark

14.00" H x 11.00" W
Oil (Oil on canvas)
Year Completed:
Wolcott Mill Metropark, forest
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Artist will donate 20% to International Wildlife Refuge Alliance from sale of this work.
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$405 USD
  • Painted en plein air on 3/15/21 at Wolcott Mill Metropark
  • Forest

The woods feel like a space where mystery can still exist. This is one of the elements that draws me away from the attempted rationality of the human world and into a place where my imagination can wonder. When I saw this sheath of bark opened-up and peeling away from a dying tree trunk, it caught my attention because of its surreality. It looked like the tree was disrobing or that it could be some kind of portal. While looking at it, I also began to think about it metaphorically as representing the shedding of emotional, ideological, or identificatory layers - or, that it was molting as it passed from life into death.

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