Crows Over Snowy Field, Rifle River State Recreation Area

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Crows Over Snowy Field, Rifle River State Recreation Area

14.00" H x 11.00" W
Oil (Oil on canvas)
Crows, Spruce trees, snowy field, Rifle River State Recreation Area
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Artist will donate 20% to International Wildlife Refuge Alliance from sale of this work.
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$405 USD
  • Painted en plein air on 12/27/21 at Rifle River State Recreation Area
  • Crows
  • Spruce trees
  • Snowy field

This piece came out of a painting trip that I took to Rifle River State Recreation Area at the end of December 2020. During the times when I am in need of a greater perspective, I often seek out the sanctuary of nature and open myself up to its eternal lessons. I took the painting trip to Rifle River in order to momentarily step outside of what felt like a yearlong relentless barrage of human turmoil and to carve out a slow space to reflect back on the year, consider my trajectory, and assess what is and is not within my reach to affect. The area around the cabin where I was staying was nearly silent except for the caw and rattle of American Crows. I've always associated their vocalizations with being, "up north."

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