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"When I paint and draw in natural spaces, directly from life, I engage with the subject in a personal way. By capturing the emotion and essence of nature at the source, I can convey its power and importance in a manner beyond words. Stewardship volunteerism at parks and wildlife refuges provides me with an opportunity to physically care for the environment and use my hands to support its future health. The combination of my stewardship and painting practice becomes a holistic approach that strengthens the relationship between the arts and the natural and cultural heritage that these places preserve. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I am an artist in Michigan. I focus on oil painting (often en plein air), drawing, block printing, and public art. I am also a volunteer steward at parks and a wildlife refuge. I am striving towards collaborative opportunities with other like-minded artists and organizations as to broaden my artwork’s potential to positively contribute to conservation efforts.

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