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"I have always been a nature lover and fascinated with the wonders of this world we live in, and as I mature, I marvel at its beauty and gain an even deeper respect and reverence for our environment and strengthen my resolve to be a good steward over all it holds.  My art subjects turn more and more to finding beauty in the ordinary things most would not usually consider worthy of an art subject.  I find enjoyment in the common flowers, seedpods and animals which usually don’t even get noticed, much less attention or respect.  I hope you enjoy my art, and take a closer look at the world around you and discover beauty in unexpected places. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

     I’ve always had a fascination with the natural world around me, and even more so since I moved to the Tucson, Arizona area, into the Sonora Desert in 2008.  I marvel at the diversity and magnificent details of the flora and fauna of this area.  The extreme temperatures and little water have created real tenacity and innovative behaviors in the survivalists of this desert environment.  I live next to open desert and am passionate about its protection.  I claim it as though it were my own back yard.  

     There is endless inspiration for my art in this magical and unique place.  Though watercolors is my first choice and professional medium, I also work in scratchboard, pen & Ink and other media on occasion.  I have a strong sense of composition and use rich color, dramatic lighting and the visual effects of texture in my art.

     I believe artists have a unique opportunity and responsibility to help others see the world through their eyes, to help them see things as they see them, and to bring to other’s attention what they may not otherwise even notice.  But artists need tools and skills in order to do that.  Besides being an artist, I am also an art educator.  I have a sacred and special opportunity to help artists develop those skills, to help them see the world differently and then express it in their art. 


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