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"I'm a Kiwi (New Zealand born and raised) who has lived in Sydney, Australia for seven years, then New York for twenty and have recently returned to New York from Nairobi, Kenya, where I lived, on and off, for seven years. I paint watercolor and mixed media bird nad wildlife art, focusing on birds and mammals from New Zealand, Australia and recently, Kenya. I donate typically around 50% of each wildlife painting proceeds to one of several Kenyan wildlife conservancies or trusts. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I’m a wildlife artist, graphic designer, and an all around creative entrepreneur, born in New Zealand, one time resident of Australia and recently returned from Kenya to my adopted city of New York. I’m a passionate conservationist, and contribute part of the proceeds from each sale of wildlife art to either Artists For Conservation, or to one of the reputable wildlife conservancies, funds or trusts, which operate in Kenya.

I spent nearly 25 years building creative empires – a design and communications agency in Sydney, then an interactive communications firm in New York (which went public, disastrously in April 2000, just when the dot-com bubble burst).

Since then I’ve freelanced as a marketing consultant, graphic designer and illustrator in New York and Kenya, but recently I’ve returned to my one true love, painting wildlife with expressive textures, wet on wet washes and deliberate bloom effects but with fine details in focus areas. I hope you enjoy my art as much as I enjoy creating it.


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