Beautiful diversity

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Beautiful diversity

25.00cm H x 40.00cm W
Colored pencil (iridesent acrylics)
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Hummingbirds are beautiful and a diverse group, featuring all colors and forms you could think of. Unfortunately, they are bound to a very restricted physiological niche regarding temperature. Small changes can have a huge effect on their energy consumption, and as they are already living on the brink, rising temperatures due to climate change could have a huge impact on these important, gorgeous pollinators. The situation is even more tense for hummingbirds living in the mountains, as these habitats are rapidly decreasing and only very slowly growing in new areas, as for example the Paramos in Colombia, home to the buffy helmcrest (second bird from the left). This species is endemic to a tiny vulcanic area in the Andes and was only recently described as a species, but already rated as vulnerable. With all my hart I wish that the diversity of these very special birds will also delight future generations. In my composition, the grey boxes remind of museum exhibitions of stuffed birds, but as you can see, hummingbirds are agile and always moving, curious, firce fighters, as displayed in the composition. Stuffed museum exponates should not be the only thing that reminds us on their diversity in the future!

I used iridesent acrylics to highlight the shining plumage of the birds. Apon request, I can add this to a high quality print.

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