"Our planet can live and thrive without us, but we cannot live without our planet. "

Through my research projects and art I hope to contribute to conservation. Basic research about the birds behavior, its physiology and genetic and evolutionary background is of major importance to understand the special requirements of each species. Without these information, conservation projects cannot hope to be successful. I communicate my scientific research at congresses that also include conservationists and I am working on a childrens book that features the migration of a young robin, explaining migration mechanisms and all the difficulties its has to face on its way. Reaching out to young people is especially important. I was honored to be a part of the European Breeding Bird atlas as an Illustrator, and all profit from sold artwork goes to the project. Recently, I started to engage in bird ringing projects as the data are interesting for scientific projects and reveal patterns of conservational interest, eg. the reaction to changing climate in the form of range shifts and shifted annual cycles. In general my motto would be that as we know more about certain species, their behaviour and ecological connections, we can also protect them more efficently, and to raise awareness, my art is my medium!

Next to the European Breeding Bird Atlas I also support the German Birdlife International (NABU) and the German Ornithological Society (DO-G).

Conservation Projects & Causes

European Breeding Bird Atlas (EBBA2)

The atlas documents changes in breeding range of all European breeding birds, reflecting both declining habitats or habitat fragmentation, but also conservation success over the last 30 years.