After working at a bird protection center for one year as a volunteer, I decided to study biology to learn more about birds and all the different components that make out living things. I was in Costa Rica as a conservation research assistant, working with dolphins and sea turtles. Between master and bachelor I traveled to Colombia for four months and studied hummingirds in the Andes. My master in biodiversity and ecology had an ornithological focus and now I am working on my PhD about bird migration and orientation.

Support for Conservation: 

Beside working volutary for non-profit organisations, I helped to illustrate the new European Breeding Bird atlas, an important milestone for bird conservation and understanding range shifts and species decline, and help out at bird ringing centers.  As I am a scientist, I think it is most important to communicate our results to the public and I try to use my skills as an artist to make complicated mechanisms easy to understand. At the moment, I am working on a childrens book that follows a young robin on its first migration. I hope that I can inspire and catch especially young people with my work and raise awareness for the highly complex processes happening all the time (mostly) unnoticed around us by enlarging my cooperation with scientists and conservationists.