Lettie Neuhauser-MacLachlan

I am a retired veterinarian, as such I have a deep and lasting connection with animals. I see all animals as individuals with personality, attitude and character. In my work I attempt to capture some of this essence of each individual. I enjoy wildlifr and I am particularly aware of plight of many endangered species. I hope to bring my love of animals and my love of art together to aid in conservation efforts around the world.
I work in watercolor and occasionally in a acrylics, oils, ink and mixed media. I paint loosely with a lot of pigment and bold colors balanced with large areas of light. I use various methods to achieve or suggest texture including scratching out fur and feathers with a palette knife and using pigment straight from the tube. My backgrounds are usually abstract and minimal. I work mostly on hot pressed paper as the smoothness light to be brighter.
I want my work to allow the viewer to see the uniqueness of character of each individual animal and the value of each of our fellow creatures that we share this planet with.

Support for Conservation: 

I am passionate about the plight of the african elephants and rhinos. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a magnificent organization addressing the special needs of orphaned elephants (and other orphaned animals) and I would like to give them as much support as I can.

Saving the Survivors, another magnificent organization, provide medical care and attempt surgical restoration to the rhinos that are mutilated and left for dead by poachers. Definitely an organization worth supporting!

The Wild African Dog is the most endangered carnivore in Africa. The Painted Dog Conservation group Provide protection, increase the knowledge base and increase public awareness. A very worth organization.