From the Artist’s Mouth:

My name is Taylor Frost, an 18 year old primarily self-taught Contemporary Media painter who specializes in colorful expressive art.  My art is distinguishable by my use of stark contrasts, bold colors, and inspiring light to create colorful, eye-catching pieces that draw viewers in. I have been painting for 7 years now, fitting it in between my other passions. I am a competitive equestrian, namely Eventing, who owns an Irish Sport Horse named Jonty who features in many paintings as a beautiful inspiration.

I have recently been toying with many different styles of painting including realism, oils, and chalky brushes. No matter the style I always focus on color, energy, light, and emotion. I am on a quest to enter the art world in a big way.

I pride myself in creating detailed, emotional portraits and pieces of both animals and people that evoke feelings of wonder and awe while enhancing the beauty I see in the world . I adore painting endangered animals to raise awareness of their situation. 

I hope that viewers enjoyed this peek into my life and would like to see more of my work, embarking on this fantastic artistic journey with me.

Support for Conservation: 

My dream is to be able to create money through my animal paintings to be able to give a portion to efforts that help the very endangered species I paint so that they can be around as a muse for many years. I’d love to see my wildlife work in galleries worldwide, gracing the home of any who would appreciate it, while aiding the creatures I love in the process. I give proceeds of my work to charities that aid the animal featured, for example if I paint an African Lion the proceeds will go to a charity that supports African Lions. If I paint an owl, the proceeds go to charities that support owls, birds, and their forest environment. This way I can support multiple charities and spread my artistic influence to many animals in need.