The Early Bird

The Early Bird | Wallhanging by Wendy Quirt | Artists for Conservation

The Early Bird

10.00" H x 8.00" W
Acrylic (on birch panel)
Scarlet Tanager
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Artist will donate 15% to Wild Bird Care Centre from sale of this work.
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Price: $800 USD

I watched this male Scarlet Tanager, considered a vulnerable species, high in the treetops as the wind gently swayed the branches. Had it have been any other colour I doubt I would have seen it. It isn't a common sighting in our area as they require large areas of forest to thrive. I watched it fly from tree to tree, searching for insects. Was there a nest nearby it was trying to provide for? Urban sprawl in our area is enormous and without a better forests and natural areas plan, I fear we may lose these beautiful birds and many more animals.

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