What A Save!

Helping save the Monarch Butterfly
<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> What A Save! - Helping save the Monarch Butterfly | Wendy Quirt
To help the monarch butterfly by creating a permanent Monarch Waystation, restoring habitat, and raising awareness about the plight of the monarch butterfly.
Saturday, 1 January, 2022 to Sunday, 1 January, 2023

During my hikes these last few years I was really starting to recognize the absence of the Monarch Butterfly. I remember seeing them everywhere as a child, but as an adult it was becoming more rare. Couple that with the reports in the news about their dwindling numbers and how they are so threatened I was really starting to worry. Could this be an animal that we lose in our lifetime? I enlisted the help of my family and came up with a plan on how we can make a difference together.


After some research we came up with our Monarch Plan:

  1. Set-up a dedicated location for a Monarch Habitat free from pesticides
  2. Plant native milkweed and flowers 
  3. Create a Monarch Way-Station
  4. Document our Monarch Observations
  5. Help spread the word about the Monarch Butterfly and what we each can do to help




We look forward to sharing our story these next few years as we put our plan into place. Please follow my art pages on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see how our efforts are taking shape.