"I believe we all can work together and make a difference in our natural world. Anything we can do, no matter how small, can help. I hope to use my art and be a voice for nature, and to do my part to help preserve and protect it. "

A portion of Wendy’s sales goes to charities that specialize in the care of the natural world. She has created paintings to raise funds for groups concerned with protecting natural habitat, such as the Forest Trust for The Children of Cortes Island. In addition, Wendy frequently donates art reproductions to groups trying to raise money to protect nature, wildlife and green space in the Ottawa area.

Conservation Projects & Causes

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> What A Save! - Helping save the Monarch Butterfly | Wendy Quirt

What A Save!

During my hikes these last few years I was really starting to recognize the absence of the Monarch Butterfly. I remember seeing them everywhere as a child, but as an adult it was becoming more rare. Couple that with the reports in the news about their dwindling numbers and how they are so threatened I was really starting to worry. Could this be an animal that we lose in our lifetime? I enlisted the help of my family and came up with a plan on how we can make a difference together.