"I want to give the viewer an intimate encounter with another reality.  Our perceptions and prejudice as humans harm unique ecosystems upon which a variety of species are dependent.  Perhaps, with better understanding, we will make wiser choices.  Perhaps, with better understanding, we will save ourselves as well. "

Creating prints which will increase public awareness of environmental challenges is a mission of mine. The Siskiyou Land Trust, Scott River Watershed Council, Smith River Conservancy, and Point Blue Conservation Sciences are conservation organizations that I have made editions for.  My current passion project is “Extinct? “© where original woodcut prints are placed in random spots to focus attention on critical habitat loss.

Conservation Projects & Causes

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Where the River Flows -  | Melinda Plank

Where the River Flows

Founded in 1978, Southern Oregon Land Conservancy was created to ensure the natural wealth of the wild and working lands of the Rogue River region endure forever. As the state’s first regional, nonprofit land trust, they began working with local landowners to create conservation easements— a conservation approach to safeguard their lands in perpetuity. What began small has grown into 11,921 acres of protected lands across the Rogue River region.