Millie Whipplesmith Plank starts a wood cut with a clear idea of what she want to convey. The medium however, takes her tendency for meticulous detail, chuckles, and pushes the work in a different direction.  Forced to simplify and refine the message, her work gains the quality and power which is unique to wood cut printing.


In a hundred year old barn which shelters her studio, she has created a print making oasis, surrounded by animals and open spaces.  Her work, influenced by her cattle ranching heritage, explores biodiversity and species interdependency.  Combining the rich colors, and simple shapes of traditional wood block prints with expressive line,

she beckons the viewer to explore a different reality.


Currently, she is creating prints for several land conservancy groups including the Southern Oregon Land Conservancy and Point Blue Conservation Sciences.

Whipplesmith Plank’s work is in the permanent collections of the Leigh Yawkey Museum in Wisconsin and the Maryhill Museum of  Art in Washington.  She is part of the California Printmakers Association, the Society of Animal Artists, Artists for Conservation, and has served as artist in residence at Glacier National Park and Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Special Achievements: 

  The Kingdom                               Midland Center for the Arts Midland MI                        2021-2022
  Art That Matters to the Planet      Roger Tory Peterson Institute, Jamestown, NY           2021
  Artists for Conservation,              Vancouver BC, Canada                                                 2021
  Searching for Meaning,                 Point Reyes, CA                                                           2021
  Stillness, Movement, Chaos          Rochester Print Club, Rochester, NY                          2021
  Printmakers Invitational                Dunsmuir, CA                                                               2021
  “Yosemite Renaissance 36”,         Yosemite Museum                                                        2021
  “Birds in Art”,                              Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum      2021, 2020,2017,2015, 2014  
   “Animal Artists”,                        Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum in Oradell, NJ                      2020 

   "Art of the West",                      High Desert Museum, Bend, OR                 2021, 2020, 2017
  “Art and the Animal”,                Briscoe Museum of Western Art                                      2019
  “West Coast Woodcut”               Maryhill Museum of Fine Art                                       2019
  “Art and the Animal”,                The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art            2018
  “Emerald Prints”,                        Eugene, OR                                                                   2018
  “Westcoast Prints”,                     Coos Bay Art Museum                                                  2018
   "Avian",                                     Yosemite Area Audubon Society,  Oakhurst, CA          2017
   “Yosemite Renaissance 32”       Yosemite Museum                                                         2017
   “The AIR exhibit” ,                    Cultural Center of Cape Cod, South Yarmouth , MA   2017
   "Landscape: A Sense of Place”, Site:Brooklyn Gallery. Brooklyn, NY                          2016
   “Whipplesmith Prints”                Rogue Manor, Medford, OR                                        2021
   “Guarded Spaces”
,                      Hanson Howard Gallery, Ashland, OR                       2019
   “Ink Stains and Wood Dust”,      Siskiyou Art Museum, Dunsmuir, CA                        2017
    “Impressions”,                            Liberty Arts Gallery, Yreka, CA                                2017
    “Impressions of Glacier”,          Rogue Valley Cultural Center, Medford,OR               2016
    “Featured Print Exhibit”,           Merced Multicultural Art center, Merced, CA            2015
    “Whipplesmith Prints”,             Marble Rim Gallery, Fort Jones, CA                          2011
   Artist in Residence Lassen Volcanic National Park                                                        2016    
   Artist in Residence Glacier National Park                                                                      2014
    Artists for Conservation, signature member                                                       2021
    Society of Animal Artists, signature member                                                    2017-present
    California Printmaker Association                                                                     2012-present
    Artists for Conservation                                                                                      2021
    Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum,  Wausau, WI                                            2020, 2017
    Maryhill Museum of Art                                                                                                 2018
    Lassen National Volcanic Park, CA                                                                                2017
    “The Art of Angling”, California Fly Fisher,                                                                 2020
   “Art in the West”, Cascade A&E,                                                                                    2020
   “Round Up”, Modoc & More,                                                                                         2017
    “Artists on the Land”, Land People Magazine, Trust for Public Land, Fall/Winter 2014/2015
    Yosemite Renaissance 36”,  Yosemite Museum,  Third Place                                        2021
   "Art of the West",  High Desert Museum, Jurors’s Choice                                              2020
    “Emerald Prints”, Eugene, OR, third place                                                                     2018
   “Westcoast Prints”, Coos Bay Art Museum, award of excellence                                   2018
    "Avian",Yosemite Area Audubon Society, Best of Show                                               2017
     “California Centered: Printmaking Exhibition”, Best of Show                                     2014
    North Valley Art League’s 29th National Show, award of excellence                            2013
    Siskiyou Artist Association, Best of Show                                                                      2012