I have been around fish and aquariums for as long as I can remember. Growing up in the Chicagoland area, am annual field trip to the Shed Aquarium seemed like a rite of passage.  Growing up, my father raised tropical fish with his father. He knew some people at the aquarium. We got to go behind the scenes and see how the place was run. We had fish tanks in our home while I was growing up.  I would say my unique childhood had a lasting impression on me. As the son of working parents, there were times I had to fend for myself at one of their offices while they worked.  Entertainment included some pens, paper, and a whole bunch of independence.  At a young age, drawing came naturally and provided me some additional attention.


My education that began at the Montessori School instilled the curious, inquisitory nature that led me on this adventure I call life. Mine would be a creative and analytical journey filled with math, science, and art.   Without any college graduates in the family to guide me, Architecture seemed like a degree worth pursuing. Earning a degree from the College of Fine + Applied Arts from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana was the start of my professional creative career.  Having been fortunate to actively participate in the design, production, and execution of numerous award-winning building designs, I feel my creative tastes have been influenced not only by process but also iteration and detail. I should also mention I genuinely enjoy the peace and silence that comes from sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool or the sandy bottom of the ocean, just holding my breath!


While practicing architecture that involved working on projects that could last 2-3 years, I always seemed to have extra-curricular creative projects going during the nights and weekends.  Over fifteen years ago, painting sunk its claws in me after the life changing experience that was my first open water SCUBA dive.  Inspired by all the feelings, colors, emotions, wonder and awe I experienced while diving, ideas flowed so naturally onto my canvas in bright, vivid colors that were contained in the most organic and bold shapes and forms. Diving deeper into my understanding of marine organisms like anemones, nudibranch, jelly fish and crustaceans I gained an innumerable amount of respect and appreciation for our marine ecosystems and coral reef environments.


Through my Marine Life Abstract Realism paintings, I endeavor to spark and ignite the wonder and awe, imagination, and joy that the ocean brings me in all who encounter my work.   Through connecting this artistic effort with my conservation efforts and volunteer work I aim to raise the ocean and marine life’s "stock" in the eyes of the public, therefore resulting in better care of our natural resources. See more information at 

Support for Conservation: 

As an artist/conservation ambassador, my aim is to use my bold, vivid marine life abstract realism paintings to call attention to and continue the dialogue of conservation needs and efforts with the people I meet throughout the course of SCUBA diving and selling my work at art fairs and on social media. Combining my passions for painting and exploration while SCUBA diving, my support for conservation encompasses education, action, and art.  Through my membership and participation in the Reef Environmental and Education Foundation (, the Coral Reef Alliance, and the PADI torchbearer program I gain the useful education and information about our coral reefs which acts as an impetus of my paintings. Through constant study and iteration, I see my work evolving to include biophilic patterns used in mainstream commerce and textiles that both improve the human environment and connect us all back to the ocean. I intend to donate a portion of the proceeds from selected artwork to help ocean/reef conservation efforts.