Winter's Exit

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Winter's Exit

7.00" H x 12.00" W
Acrylic (Acrylic on MDF)
Year Completed:
Northern Cardinal
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Artist will donate 20% to American Bird Conservancy from sale of this work.
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 I was looking out my window one chilly Spring morning and on my flowering plum sat this happy little cardinal just loving life.  It was a refreshing sight after the cold gloom of Winter. 

Cardinal Fast Facts:
-  Northern cardinals are named for the male's brilliant red plumage, which reminded European settlers of the rich, red vestments of Catholic Cardinals in the church hierarchy
- Female cardinals are soft, warm, tan color with bright orange bill
- They are adept songsters and one cardinal may have more than two dozen song variations
- They mate for life, though cardinals may "divorce," if necessary, in order to find a more suitable mate for raising more chicks
- The cardinal is the official state bird for seven different states, the most of any single bird species

Available Editions of this Artwork

Edition Info Edition Size Dimensions Edition Price
Winter's Exit | Giclee (signed/numbered) 45 7.00" H x 12.00" W $50.00 USD

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