"The dominant theme in my paintings is the relationship between the environment and the animal and bond between mother and baby. Raising babies in the wild is a challenging job. The young ones of any species face a tenuous existence and realistically may not live out the year. Through my paintings, I want the viewer to be able to appreciate the scenery and habitat and the beauty of these creatures.  It is important that each of us do our part to try to preserve the environment especially for their habitat. I believe that every individual has a responsibility to co-exist on this planet in a way that respects and protects wildlife and their surroundings. If we do not protect our lands, our water, our plant and animal species, then who will?  


Support for Conservation

I am a member of the Wild Islands Tourism Advancement Partnership Committee. This committee is continuing to work with the Nova Scotia Nature Trust, the provincial departments of Environment, Tourism, Lands and  Forestry and Fisheries. Nature based activities are being developed to increase economic growth for the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.  I continue to support this program by attending meetings and donating photos for social media platforms.

I also continue to give my artwork to support the Nature Trust's auctions. 




Conservation Projects & Causes

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The Nova Scotia Nature Trust

The Nova Scotia Nature Trust have acquired over 100 islands off the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Their legacy is to protect and manage the wild spaces of these islands. This project is titled the 100 Wild Islands Legacy.