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"Painting is entirely for my pleasure and fulfillment. I am driven to create images on canvas and paper. It is something that I cannot stop. It is like breathing – it is a required part of my existence. It’s who I am and it is part of my soul. To be able to create a story, an action, an image, is a wonderful passion to have. When the brush goes into my hand, something takes over and I am lost in the creative process.    "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I consider myself to be a wildlife artist who paints in a realistic style. I also paint scenery, florals and seascapes but my subject material lends itself to realism. I use acrylics and paint with many glazes to create fine details. I also use pastel pencils, gouache, scratch board and watercolors to create my art.

Over the last decade, I have had the opportunity to study and photograph many species of birds and animals. My husband and I are photographers and we capture many reference shots for my art. One of my favorite nature photography trips is to take our cameras out in our canoe to paddle with the loons. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada so I tend to paint birds and animals that are indigenous to Canada. We live on the migratory routes of many birds, so I am able to photograph many different species of birds.

The dominant theme in my paintings is the relationship between the environment and the animal and bond between mother and baby. Raising babies in the wild is a challenging job. The young ones of any species face a tenuous existence and realistically may not live out the year. Through my paintings, I want the viewer to be able to appreciate the scenery and habitat and the beauty of these creatures. Perhaps then, they will understand how important it is that each of us must do our part to try to preserve the environment especially for their habitat. I believe that every individual has a responsibility to co-exist on this planet in a way that respects and protects wildlife and their surroundings. If we do not protect our lands, our water, our plant and animal species, then who will?

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