Drawing the Lines of Coexistence

Drawing the Lines of Coexistence | Wallhanging by Christine Das | Artists for Conservation

Drawing the Lines of Coexistence

96.00" H x 168.00" W
Acrylic (Acrylic on canvas)
Asian Forest Elephants
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Artist will donate 20% to Danau Girang Field Centre from sale of this work.
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$13,000 USD

In a world engrossed in selfish human needs, we are sorely neglecting and disrespecting other lives needing to live freely on this Earth together with us. Ironically, Humans have become the most feared dangerous and cruelest of predators in the Wild. Elephants are killed mercilessly for trophies. The ones captured are tortured and go through extreme pain caused by Humans for our pleasure. We are taking away their Homes. Perhaps Humans are ignorant about the vital roles of Elephants in the wild. If this is so, what a shame!


Where do we draw the lines between them and us? In these crucial times for Elephantsurvival, clear boundaries need to be drawn for both species. We need them for a healthy eco system especially our rainforests in Malaysia & we can’t afford to loose them. The lifeline needs to be established between us so that the future sees Elephants & other wildlife thriving & walking in peace on this land. Are we willing to draw the line & create healthy boundaries in order to keep them safe?

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