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"“I feel compelled to express Mother Nature’s beauty to the world through my art as there is a major conflict with us humans and weakens her at an alarming rate. I hope to stir hearts towards a deeper love, respect and appreciation for nature. Many do not realize that we have a symbiotic relationship with Her and Nature must be protected for our sake.” says the artist. “I am a voice for nature. There are times I see myself as the alter ego of Mother Nature, Gaia.” "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Christine works mostly with acrylic on canvas. Her paintings have been influenced and inspired by her passions: Nature and Life. Her stylized yet elegant renditions are meticulous and fostered with every stroke designed to capture the essence of movement, sound and events of the environment. Conservation of nature is something that has become particularly close to Christine’s heart. Her personal passion is the Conservation of Bornean Elephants & the habitat of all wildlife. Christine works with various local wildlife NGOs including WWF Malaysia in support of this cause. She uses art as a voice to create awareness and raise funds whenever possible.

Recent Artwork