Northern Lights Wolf Center

Golden, BC, Canada
Having visited the sanctuary many years ago, it has always been in the back of my mind to give back to them for their tireless efforts. They also provide a home to ex-film wolves, injured or otherwise un-releasable wolves, and abandoned wolves. Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf centre promotes wolf conservation throughout the natural environment. They value the role these carnivores play in nature. They strive to provide a one-of-a-kind, quality experience to the public as they support conservation through education.
Saturday, 26 June, 2021 to Saturday, 26 November, 2022

My project entails traveling to the sanctuary to "run with the pack" on a photographic hike. For a few hours I will leave the hustle and bustle of human life to hike, run, and connect with one of my favorite predators. After which I will pour over the assumedly hundreds of photos and pick the best to create from. I will then donate back to the sanctuary, both 10% of all sales of works done featuring their wolves, and a limited edition print or Artist's Proof of their choosing for their use at fundraising.