"Conservation to me is an ongoing individual responsibility. We have the power to be stewards of our surroundings, not just for ourselves but for all living things. It falls on us to choose this path, as hard as it may seem, but once the trail is broken others will follow. "

Over the years I have had the pleasure, and honor, to donate work and time to causes I respect and cherish. One of the most dear to me is Ducks Unlimited, Canada. Our wetlands are so very important to me. They are a home to a multitude of flora and fauna, act as a fresh water filter, and provide some beautiful spaces to enjoy. By extension I also co-facilitated an art show to benefit a DU member in Bearverlodge, AB. Not only did she take in orphaned wildlife, she also had a beautiful wetland on which a mated pair of whooping cranes nested every year. The show was put on in her honor and 50% of all proceeds was given to her directly. Other conservation organizations have received donations of work, such as Trout Unliimited, The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and the Edmonton Valley Zoo - Red Panda Exhibit. Today my priorities are leaning to clean oceans, and fighting South American deforestation and I am currently researching ways in which I can help.

Conservation Projects & Causes

Northern Lights Wolf Center

My project entails traveling to the sanctuary to "run with the pack" on a photographic hike. For a few hours I will leave the hustle and bustle of human life to hike, run, and connect with one of my favorite predators. After which I will pour over the assumedly hundreds of photos and pick the best to create from. I will then donate back to the sanctuary, both 10% of all sales of works done featuring their wolves, and a limited edition print or Artist's Proof of their choosing for their use at fundraising.