My love of animals and the natural world is what drives my artwork. It is the passion and purpose for my creativity. I have been and artist all of my life, and it has always revolved around this passion and this purpose -- to be a good steward for all animals through my art, my creativity, my voice.

I have been a professional in Animal Welfare for decades. I was the Head of Humane Education at Best Friends Animal Society for many years and I am also an Ordained Animal Chaplain. I wrote the first Animal Chaplain Training Program in the world 20 years ago and have trained Animal Chaplains across the United States and Canada and many around the globe. I have a Doctorate in Humane Religious Studies. My outreach as an Animal Chaplain includes both domestic animals and animals in the wild, serving them through workshops, lectures, outreach, prayer and of course through my art.

In my art, I focus on the intent that the viewer will connect to the spirit of these beautiful creatures, to realize that these are all sentient beings with whom we share this precious world, and that we must each reach out to them and become better stewards of this planet. I have been a professional, award winning artist for over 40 years. I work primarily in Colored Pencil and Gouache. I live in Sedona, Arizona where I am currently focusing my artwork and conservation outreach specifically on the animals in the southwest.

I believe that we can reach a greater audience in a deeper way through the beauty of art, touching the viewer's heart and opening the door of compassion and empathy and love for all creatures. This is my life's work and mission. In the 1990s, I was the Graphic Designer for the San Diego Natural History Museum and was immersed in the efforts over the years to educate the public on our precious endangered wildlife and the environments in which they lived. I was surrounded daily on those efforts and worked with the exhibits' team, the education department and the scientists of the museum to create visual and experiential means of educating both children and adults on the breadth of need to take care of the natural world, which is so in peril.

Following that, I became the Communication Specialist for a worldwide humanitarian organization in the early part of the 21st century, and traveled to both Africa and Mexico to help the world's children and families through humanitarian outreach. I have seen some of the world's most impoverished places and people. In visiting remote regions, I also saw first hand many places where wild animals were in danger of extinction. All the while, I continued to portray the animals in my fine art to open hearts to the beauty, the connection and the spirit of our natural world through the eyes of the precious creatures in my paintings.

Support for Conservation: 

Proceeds from the sale of my artwork, both original and giclees, go to support the efforts of several wildlife organizations. My work will help to support the World Wildlife Fund, the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project, the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum and The Cloud Foundation.

I offer fine art workshops on how to capture the heart of nature and animals through different techniques. I also offer workshops on Animal Chaplaincy that includes compassionate outreach and education on kindness for all living beings.