Soil Tunnel Trailer

Create Conservation Project/Cause -  | Randall Bennett
To solve the dilemma of teaching kids and adults about soil, water, and natural resources conservation. This exhibit is a mobile museum quality teaching facility.
Saturday, 18 September, 2010 to Tuesday, 18 March, 2031

The Soil Tunnel Trailer is used across the Midwest, USA, to educate youth and adults about the relationship between their daily activities and the resulting effects on soil, water and other natural resources. The soil Tunnel Trailer serves as a learning tool and backdrop for a variety of lessons at schools, field days, fairs, and more.


The Soil Tunnel Trailer was developed in order to address the need to educate kids and adults to understand the importance of soil, water and natural resources conservation. The Soil Tunnel Trailer projects are an educational, hands-on, three dimensional, museum quality virtual experience that feature a mobile, walk through display, The self-contained, enclosed trailer feature soil layers, graphics, and artistic introduction to micro and macrofauna and interaction of undergroud natural resources. The mobile exhibit brings the world beneath our feet to life. This is a non-profit educational tool used by various conservation districts across the Midwest.