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"I believe everyone and every generation has a responsibility to help take care of our planet and all it's natural diversity. How we choose to do this is up to us as individuals. I choose to help and bring awareness through my artwork.  "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Randall William Bennett

  I work as a professional fine artist as well as owner of Tall Grass Museum Services located in the Midwest, USA. 


  Originally from Kansas, I and my wife Helen, spent many years moving around the USA, gaining experience in a wide range of activities.  This was in addition to the many years I spent as a child growing up overseas in countries including north and south India, Kenya, Uganda, Sudan, Sri Lanka.


  I have been involved with over 75 museum projects that contain something of my artwork: murals, dioramas, sculpture, artifact reproductions, graphics, photography, illustrations, exhibit text writing, artifact mounts and more. 


  Besides working on museum related projects, I keep busy working on my personal and conservation artwork in my studio.  I mostly work in a tight realistic painting style although regularly trying new and different styles and media helps me push my own boundaries and improve as an artist. 


   Some of my awards include Best Landscape with the International Guild of Realism, Best of Show with the Missouri Valley Impressionistic Society, Best of Pastel/Drawing with Prairie Village Arts Council. Finalist with Art Renewal Center, Finalist with International Artists magazine, 1998 NAI Best Interpretive Exhibit; collaborative artist, 2006 NAI Media Award for best Interior Exhibit; lead artist, and more. 

  I am currently a member of Mid America Pastel Society, National oil and Acrylic Painters Society, Signature Member of Southern Watercolor Society, Signature member of Artists for Conservation, and more. 



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