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30.00" H x 45.00" W
Oil (Oil on stretched linen, framed)
Year Completed:
grizzly bear
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Artist will donate 10% to Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center from sale of this work.
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$5,200 USD

Born in 1996, Yellowstone’s bear 399 has become famous the world over as a symbol of resilience and hope. At the age of 24, bear 399 was found to have a litter of 4 cubs – a feat that is highly unusual for a bear of that advanced age. Like many female bears in the Yellowstone area, she strategically seeks out roadsides and housing developments to avoid potentially aggressive male bears, and thus protect her cubs. Bear 399 has become a master of cohabiting with her human neighbors, and despite remaining a wild bear, does not view humans as a food source but rather as an ally in her defense of, and care for, her cubs. Unfortunately, her fame has made her a target of trophy hunters, and while she remains currently protected under the Endangered Species Act, more must be done to ensure that these apex predators are protected for generations to come.

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