Agnieszka (Aga) Elliott is a nationally and internationally recognized wildlife artist, drawing inspiration from artists like Robert Bateman and Carl Brenders, who not only are naturalists, but who successfully capture wildlife, and their natural environments, through realism.

Aga's art revolves around conservation. It carries an important message about the relationship between humans and the natural world, and bridges the gap between humans and nature. Aga aims to foster a sense of wonder and inspire individuals to recognize their role in protecting the environment. She empowers the animals in her paintings and highlights the incredible diversity of life on Earth by showcasing their unique characters, personality, and beauty. By reminding us of their incredible value and the delicate balance of the ecosystems they contribute to, she underscores the fact that harming one species or habitat can have catastrophic consequences for others, including humans. Aga tells stories through her art that make people arrive at inevitable conservation conclusions.

Her process begins with not only choosing her subjects, but asking herself: WHY is she painting this specific animal? Is there a message behind the painting and how can she convey it to the viewer? What sensations can she voyeuristically invoke in the viewer? Once set on her intention, she begins a rough sketch on linen. Before blocking in major colors, Aga starts with the eyes - that allows her to build the connection with the animal. From big brushes and bold strokes, she progresses to smaller brushes to add intricate details.

Aga is involved with organizations such as The David Shepherd Wildlife FoundationArtists for Conservation,  INVICTA Wildlife Fund and International Wildlife Coexistence Network.

Aga was involved in Colorado’s proposition 114 to reintroduce gray wolves to Colorado. Her donation of an auctioned artwork, “Advocate for Equilibrium”, raised $10,000 for this cause.

Support for Conservation: 

     I am an artist with a passion for conservation. My goal as an artist is to paint for this cause: to be a voice for all the voiceless ones. This is the reason I do what I do.


     At the beginning of 2020 I was honored by playing a small part in the effort to re-introduce gray wolves to Colorado’s western slopes by painting "Advocate for Equilibrium", a tribute to Yellowstone’s Wolf 8. Wolf 8 was an underdog who, against all the odds, proved to be a caring leader, pack member, litter mate, breeding partner, mate, and sire. In short, an example to all of us.  (to read more please click on 'Conservation" tab)