Sardine Run Aerial Raid

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Sardine Run Aerial Raid

42.00cm H x 29.70cm W
Mixed Media
Bottlenosed Dolphins, Cape Gannets and Sardines.
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$900 USD

**It was the Finalist piece exhibited for Russia's Golden Turtle WIldlife Art Festival 2020**

Annual Natural event at South Africa. In terms of biomass, researchers estimate the sardine run could rival East Africa's great wildebeest migration.The common dolphin (Delphinus capensis) play a crucial role to herd the schoal of Sardine towards the surface. Here, Cape gannerts dive down to catch as the Sardines approached nearer to the surface.Economically, the gannets played an important role to local fishermen. As most of the predators are in the ocean. The gannets are the obvious ones to be seen from the surface, This served as a signage to the fishermen that the Sardine run had started.With such economical importance,the Cape Gannets are still classified endangered under IUCN.

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Sardine Run Aerial Raid (Print) | Open Edition (signed) Open 29.70cm H x 42.00cm W $25.00 USD

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