Faces of Adversaries

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Faces of Adversaries

29.70cm H x 42.00cm W
Mixed Media
Year Completed:
Smooth Coated Otters and miscellenous fish species
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Artist will donate 10% to Nature Society (Singapore) from sale of this work.
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$600 USD

Painted in a Southeast Asian wetland setting. Largely written inspiration from Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Smooth Coated Otters (Lutrogale perspicillata) dive into a schoal of Spotted Scat (Scatophagus argus). "Faces" written are to describe from the fishes' different reactions to the adversaries represented as the otters. The scats find safety in number, on solution is to flee. The oriental Sole (Brachirus orientalis) react passive defensively. Stay perfectly still, in hope the 'trouble' miss it. The green spotted Pufferfish (Dichotomyctere nigroviridis) react by offensive defensive. With its toxin in its body, it had no fear in facing the otters head on. So its painted looking at a distance very collected and calm.

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Faces of Adversaries (Print) | Open Edition (signed) Open 29.70cm H x 42.00cm W $25.00 USD

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