Born in the North of France in 1982, Sailev is a French artist with an unconventional background. As a biologist, he first cemented a corporate career that would progressively become the catalyst, and the decisive opportunity, to shape in the mind of the emerging artist, a vision of the world that is both poetic and alarming. This thought-provoking vision that explodes of paradoxes unassumingly invades his paintings and lingers in the mind of the viewer.

Confronted with the excesses and damage of the industries of modern societies Sailev became enthralled by the beauty of nature and its wilderness during life-changing exploratory trips. He draws from this perplexity, a creative and committed force that imbues his works with the poetry and violence of a benevolent and militant message. 

Sailev reveals a style that hypnotically guides the viewer into a contemplative reflection on the natural world. By capturing the beauty and wealth of nature as it rages towards inevitable destruction, he transcends the tragedy of the climate crisis and combines efficientlyexuberance of his subject matter and thoroughness of execution. His art is a tool for soft-activism that aims to inspire the world in a positive way.


Support for Conservation: 

"I have used art to share my intense love for nature, hoping to inspire others. Our choices matter and it truly rests in our hands to uplift the Earth to a more balanced and advanced future."

Sailev donates 10% of his sales of original artworks to various local and international Conservation causes.