"The world is in crisis and there are so many causes that need funding, but for me, the looming threat of mass extinction and the ever increasing loss of bio diversity is terrifying. The long-term implications out-stripping all other concerns. It is up to ALL of us to play our part in restoring this fractured planet.  I have pledged to use the best of me, as an artist, to help wherever possible to fund the boots on the ground. A percentage of every piece of work that I do, whether it be an original work, limited edition print or cards, will be donated to various charities, helping myriad environmental crises'.     "

I am absolutely committed to making a difference to our beleaguered natural world.  I find it hard to specify one area that holds my attention more than another as no part of our bio diversity is less important than the other.  I hope to be doing just as much as possilbe for as many causes as possible.

Conservation Projects & Causes

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> I Dare You - Raising funds for Cheetah Conservation Fund | Charlotte Williams

I Dare You - 100 Limited Edition Prints

The Cheetah population has been in steep decline and they are now yet another vulnerable species.  

The Cheetah Conservation Fund are outstanding, working in a holistic way, approaching the preservation of this species in a respectful sustainable way for all.

Founded in Namibia in 1990, Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) is dedicated to saving the cheetah in the wild.

“CCF is Changing the World to Save the Cheetah” – Dr. Laurie Marker


Create Conservation Project/Cause - Raising funds for Ol Pejeta and Helping Rhinos | Charlotte Williams

Stand By Me - Limited Edition Prints


Ol Pejeta's story is absolutely captivating.  Here is the smallest synopsis, but please do see their website to see just how much incredible work they do.​

"Today, Ol Pejeta is the largest black rhino sanctuary in east Africa, and home to two of the world’s last remaining northern white rhino. It is the only place in Kenya to see chimpanzees, in a Sanctuary established to rehabilitate animals rescued from the black market. It has some of the highest predator densities in Kenya, and...

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Waiwai and Delia - Signed Limited Edition Print - Large - Raising funds for Lewa Conservancy | Charlotte Williams

Waiwai and Delia - Limited Edition Prints

I couldn't be more thrilled that Lewa will not only be receiving the funds from me, but also from Animal Friends Insurance who have so generously said that they will match my donation! 

WaiWai and Delia

Limited edition of 100

2 sizes available and either in colour or black and white

large:  90 x 61 cm (inc 3 cm border)  £280

small:  65 x 45 cm (inc 3 cm border)  £200


<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Cecil - Raising funds for VFAPU - Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit | Charlotte Williams

Cecil - Limited Edition Prints

The Victoria Falls are one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and have been designated a World Heritage Site under the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. The Falls are surrounded by the 2,340 ha Victoria Falls National Park and the 57,000 ha Zambezi National Park, bordering the southern bank of the river. These state-protected areas are home to a varied flora and fauna, which, in recent years has unfortunately been subject to increased human-wildlife conflict pressure.

The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (VFAPU) was established in January 1999 by Charles Brightman, a local...

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Best Friends  - Helping MONITOR save lesser known species from extinction through both the legal and illegal wildlife trade | Charlotte Williams

Best Friends - Original

To raise funds for MONITOR through the sale of this original image.  I will be donating 40% of the proceeds to MONITOR.

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> We're All Ears - Helping to fund 3 painted dog projects through TUSK | Charlotte Williams

We're All Ears

Protecting Africa Wild Dogs through supporting communities, environmental education, habitat protection and human-wildlife co-existence initiatives.

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> King of the Gobi - The 8th most endangered large mammal on Earth | Charlotte Williams

King of the Gobi

Having a love of camels, partly due to having been a camel safari guide in South Africa (many eons ago!), when I met John Hare OBE and heard about the wild camels of Mongolia, I was naturally keen to get on board to try and help raise much needed funds for his Wild Camel Protection Foundation.  (Please do visit for the full fascinating story).

These wild camels, which are separate species from the Bactrian camel, are the 8th most endangered large mammal on the planet and there are only 1000 or so of them left!  They are truly remarkable...