Fam Jam

Fam Jam | Wallhanging by Terry Berg | Artists for Conservation

Fam Jam

16.00" H x 20.00" W
Oil (Oil on Canvas)
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Artist will donate 10% to Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center from sale of this work.
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$1,390 USD

FAM JAM is a name I've given this piece because it is about so much more than what you see.  What you see are beautiful pelicans, which happen to be my favorite birds, and an absolute joy to paint!  What you don't see is that they feed on fish from our oceans, and our oceans are being impacted by global warming.  Only a couple of degrees is enough to bleach and kill coral reefs.  Overfishing and the coral reefs dieing combined put our oceans at risk of becoming lifeless.  Beyond that, so many species of birds rely on fish, including these guys!  There are plentiful numbers of land animals that also rely on fish.  Humans benefit from fish as well.  If that isn't enough for us to want to band together as a family, let's consider oxygen!  It wasn't until recently that I learned that 50% - 70% of our oxygen is produced by phytoplankton in our oceans.  Ocean temperatures impact the growth of phytoplankton and the amount of oxygen being produced is reducing as the ocean warms.  Fam Jam is about learning to consider that every living thing needs to be cared for as part of our family. 


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