An oil painting artist born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, I lived most of my childhood on a treed acreage, where I found being around wildlife exciting and a comfort. I have always had a deep love for wildlife and a compassion for animals. I sketched animals and found pure joy in doing so. 


Life lead me on a different path for quite some time, and after sustaining a head injury which took me off that path, I discovered that it did so for a very important reason...  So that I could focus soley on art, and working toward change. Seeing in a way I wasn't able to previously, I am attempting to bring to you the beauty of wildlife in hopes that you will feel the same compassion that I do for all of Earth's creatures. 



Support for Conservation: 

The Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center. As a volunteer there, I was able to see the great need they have in order to support the animals. I was asked to donate an 8 x 12 foot wall painting which I was fortunate to have the time to complete. As well, I was able to spend time looking after and feeding the sloths and some of the other animals. 

Special Achievements: 


What people say:

"My beautiful bear!  I am in love with my oil painting of the grizzly bear that Terry Berg painted. She is an amazing artist whose paintings look so lifelike.  I received my painting quickly and the packaging was great because it really protected my painting.  I can hardly wait to buy another painting from her.  Much appreciated." Maryann from Redding, CA, USA


"Such detail! Such Color! Such Talent! The painting's quality is equalized by that of the painter. I haven't had a guest that didn't comment on how stunning the painting is." Taylor from Edmonton, AB, Canada


"This is a beautiful painting of Sara. It is an exquisite portrayal of an animal I have loved my entire life! Terry also incorporated the colors of my individual family's birthstones which makes the painting all the more special to me. I absolutely love this painting and it makes me smile every time I look at little Sara reaching out!" Elaine from Edmonton, AB, Canada