Paradise Meadows: Columbian Blacktail Deer Winter Migration

Paradise Meadows: Columbian Blacktail Deer Winter Migration | Wallhanging by Joshua Hansen | Artists for Conservation

Paradise Meadows: Columbian Blacktail Deer Winter Migration

28.00" H x 22.00" W
snow, deer, alpine
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Without question my favourite animal is the coastal columbian blacktail deer. They are fascinating, mysterious, and incredibly elusive. While you may find that deer around town or in your backyard are quite tame and fearless, this is due to generations of no predation and the positive human interaction and contact. Wild blacktail deer are the complete opposite. They are among the most elusive animals in North America. To put this point into perspective, I research and study blacktail deer year round, and pursue them for three months every fall, I have snuck up on more cougars than mature blacktail deer. While wildlife biologists study them annually, little is really known about their biological behavior or why they do what they do, additionally, a population or abundance count is quite literally impossible.

Blacktail deer can be split into two categories, resident and migratory. Resident deer live in the same low to mid elevation areas year round and year after year where as migratory summer high in the alpine and sub-alpine country and with the accumulation of snow they migrate to the refuge of lower old growth forests. This old growth is crucial to the survival of migratory deer, as the forest canopy intercepts heavy snowfall which would otherwise cover up their food and kill them. Whatever deer survive the winter and predation then begin to migrate back to their high summer ranges once snow begins to melt.

While I could write about these special animals until we are both blue in the face, I wanted to paint a snowy scene for the holidays. I can’t think of a better way than to portray a young buck, tired and weak from chasing females all breeding season. On his way out of the high country to the protection of his winter range some distance away to go back into hiding and regain his strength.

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