""I have been, all my life, what is known as a conservationist. It seems clear beyond possibility of argument that any given generation of men can have only a lease, not ownership, of the earth; and one essential term of the lease is that the earth be handed down on to the next generation with unimpaired potentialities." - Roderick Haig-Brown "

Conservation of our wild places and all wildlife is very important to me. I donate 5% of all sales to wildlife conservation. I am particularily interested in the work of Pacific Salmon Foundation who raises millions every year to enhance salmon streams and stocks. I am a member of BC Wildlife Foundation which fuels work to help Steelhead, Ungulate species, Sheep, and various other animals that are in decline. In Fall 2019 I entered and won first place in the annual Salmon Stamp Competition put on by Pacific Salmon Foundation and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The winning piece becomes a salmon stamp that is purchased for salt water fishing lisences and all funds raised by this go back into salmon enhancement and conservation, raising millions a year. This fall I will be entering a piece in the Canadian Migratory bird stamp contest, likewise the winning piece raises millions for habitat enhancement for waterfowl species.