Joshua was born and raised into a commercial salmon fishing family on the east coast of Vancouver Island. Growing up Joshua always enjoyed wildlife and the outdoors. As a young man, like much of his family, he put in some brief time commercial fishing like his father, grandfather, and great grandfather did before him. Around 10 years old his mother bought him his first drawing book which would spark a long love of sketching. After highschool he taught himself to paint with acrylics, painting seascapes and angry seas. In those days he would drive 6 hours every weekend to surf the wild and rough west coast every season in sun, snow, sleet, wind and rain, which he did for many years. Much of Joshua’s interests and passions have been inspired by his family history, the Hansens, who settled and pioneered the coast at Port Neville, BC from Norway in the early 1900’s.


These days Joshua lives on the Oyster River, BC, with his wife Brooke and son Oly. It’s here in the woods that they aim to live simply, sustainably, and naturally growing and harvesting their own food. Joshua enjoys living slowly by watching the seasons change and the joys they bring. An avid outdoorsman he appreciates all creatures and is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife. Painting wildlife in it’s natural habitat, without human influence is something he aims to portray. When not painting Joshua can be found reading, researching and viewing various species of wildlife, and hiking remote alpine, or old growth forests. He also enjoys fly fishing, and spending time with family outdoors.