Monach Butterfly Wings

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Monach Butterfly Wings

17.70" H x 14.20" W
Colored pencil
Monarch Butterfly
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This artwork is a macro close-up of a monarch butterfly wing. I love to have such a close look at insects and the fascinating intricacies of their bodies and lives. There is so much beauty and perfection in the incredible details that make up their world and, with that, ours.

 Insects and other animals are so important to our planetary ecosystems and Monarch Butterflies are an important part of this interconnected web. They are vitally important pollinators that travel up to 2,500 miles each year, for example from Canada all the way to their hibernation grounds in Mexico. They have the most evolved migratory pattern of any known species of their kind, yet, unfortunately, these unique animals are now under threat. Extreme weather events resulting from climate change and our excessive use of pesticides has rapidly declined Monarch butterfly populations by a staggering 99% since the 1980s. The beautiful bright colour patterns of their wings functions as a warning sign to other predators, signalling that these butterflies are, in fact, poisonous. This is because milkweed, a toxic plant, is their main food source while they are caterpillars and so makes the monarch a deadly meal for other predators. To the human eye, on the other hand, the bright and colourful patterns of their wings brings joy and wonder to the world. Their potential further decline would be a highly regrettable loss. This artwork has been selected for the virtual exhibition and book 2021

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