Hi, my name is Jane and I am an artist based in the northern hemisphere in Tromsø Norway, surrounded by water and trees. I have lived in Germany, Hong Kong and New Zealand before, but it’s been especially my time in the beautiful outdoors of New Zealand and Norway that have influenced my ecological art the most. 


I draw plants and animals with graphite, colour pencils and watercolours. Realistic drawing and focusing on the smallest details is the most joy for me. There is so much a passing eye often won’t recognise and I just love paying particular attention to this. That is also why I often take photos with my macro lens and really dive into the seemingly small, but actually enormous and wonderful world of insects as part of my artistic process. Sometimes I also enjoy bringing an element of fiction into my artworks when my inspiration leads me there.


I am regulary part of exhibitions in New Zealand and other countries.


Currently, I am working a big project comprised of 5 big pictures of a group of Norwegian plants, the insects that pollinate them and the birds that eat them to highlight the intimate relationships that bind them to each other and our planetary ecosystem.