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"My love of form, along with my natural tendency to use symbolism and surrealism in my work, has come together to create my distinctive visual language. I use this language to communicate ideas concerning relationships,  the environment and culture. Elements of the natural world, especially animals, are the subject matter I tend to use to express these ideas. My mission as an artist is to create aesthetically meaningful work that explores the issues of our time and treats animals as equals to be considered and valued.            "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

When asked what inspires her work, Kathleen Zimmerman says:

      "Life. Creating artwork is a kind of meditative practice that makes me slow down and think about the issues of our time. The act of creating helps me make some sense of the world I find myself in."

    The world Kathleen Zimmerman first found herself in was a beautiful one. She was born in Fort Collins, Colorado, which is nestled along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Her father was a carpenter, with a love for the outdoors. Her mother was an educator, with a love for the arts. 

    At the early age of three, Zimmerman along with her family began spending their free time either exploring the mountains of Colorado in their 1947 Willy's jeep or in a horse pasture with their beloved Welsh pony, Mystic Prince. These experiences instilled in Zimmerman a love for the natural world and a strong bond with animals. 

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