Pamela Askew

Education:  B.A. Rollins College 1969; J.D. University of Alabama School of Law 1980

Married:  James D. Askew, MD; two grown daughters, Marisa Askew and Amanda Askew Kearney

Art Education:  Courses in drawing, painting and design throughout high school and college, including a year long course at the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain during college Junior Year Abroad Program 1967-68.  Beginning around 1995, painting seminars with many contemporary masters including Ken Backaus, Tom Browning, David Leffel, Kevin McPherson, Charles Sovek, Quong Ho, Robert Johnson, Diana Willis, and Evan Wilson.

Pam lives and works in Tuscaloosa, Alabama maintaining a studio at 525 Greensboro Avenue in downtown Tuscaloosa.  She is a frequent participant in national juried shows. Her work tends to reflect the natural world around her:  plants, animals, people. She grew up in fields and woods and has always had a garden.  She owns horses and rides them when she is not painting them.  When painting living things, she enjoys the complexities of color and light and finds the natural grace in the relation of their shapes fascinating.  She paints in oils from her own sketches and photographs and sometimes in plein air.  Most larger projects are finished in her studio.  

Support for Conservation: 

My daughters and I just returned from Ocelot Conservation Day and weekend in Brownsville, Texas and the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge.  Good work is being done there to preserve remaining habitat and create underpasses on heavily trafficed highways that separate tracts of land used by ocelots. More ocelots are killed trying to cross highways than from any other cause.  I spent an afternoon photographing habitat at the Laguna Refuge and was able to photograph  "Clyde", a mature ocelot raise by the conservationists at the refuge.  I have pledged a painting for next year's fundraiser.

Here in Alabama I remain a member of the Alabama Wildlife Federation which owns two of my paintings.  I also support Alabama's "Forever Wild"  program.