The Artist

"Living in rural Maine makes me aware of my place in the Universe.     black night shining stars,     light from a previous time,    before we were born "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

While my work has evolved over time, what’s consistent is that it expresses the symmetry, design, and the connection of all things.

For many years after I moved to Maine, the woods were my primary focus. Having previously lived in Alaska, the new and heavily treed environment was inspiring. I created art quilts that represent the imagery and nuanced palette of the forest.

I started oil painting because I wanted to depict birds in my environment. Painting gave me a better understanding of them. Small studies, which I did initially, allowed me to experiment and master the medium.

My new work goes beyond the birds and my immediate environment to include creatures that share our planet. Years in Alaska and Maine are a huge influence. The impacts of climate change weigh heavily on my mind.

When I go to museums, portrait paintings are primarily of people. My decision to paint portraits of other animals in a ‘formal style’ seeks to honor to them—to place them on equal footing with us and to encourage the respect they deserve.

Recent Artwork